COVID 19 UPDATE    The Church, meaning the people of Faith or the Body of Christ, is always open and living, relational, active... but our church building is closed and all activities cancelled until further notice.

Please call one another, pray with one another, love God, who loves you.

There are daily devotions on the phone 651-488-6769 beginning March 17.

Pastor Dana Nelson's cell is: 651-434-9485. The office phone is: 651-488-6769

Sunday ZOOM Worship


Sundays, 9:30am

To gather people together to hear the story of God’s love in Jesus Christ, to be nurtured in faith and knowledge, and  to share the Good News through word and deed.

Gather: To involve an ever-growing number of people in regular participation in worship. 


Nurture: To involve an ever-growing number of children, youth, and families in learning and growing in the Christian faith.

Share: To continue involvement in present outreach ministries and expand the leadership participation and commitment of members of the congregation in these ministries. Our task and calling is to work together to actualize what we sense is God’s Spirit working in our midst.