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Galilee Lutheran Church takes “serving the neighbor” very seriously. We accompany people across the street, across the state and across the oceans in our commitment to serve. We believe in following the way of Jesus Christ means being a servant to all. Serving one in need is how we serve Jesus our Lord. And in following the way of peace and justice we help to build a more trustworthy world.


Across Rice Street we have created a huge community garden with 266 plots. It is called the Rice Street Gardens. The majority of the hundreds of gardeners are from refugee camps in Thailand, Burma, Nepal, Kenya and other countries. During the growing season Galilee joins with the gardeners for fun fellowship events and international potlucks. More than 10 languages are spoken at the gardens. People who have been landless (refugees) and are living in apartments without any greenspace are now getting good exercise in the gardens and growing delicious organic foods. Residents who have lived around Galilee Lutheran Church for many generations are opening up and making friends with new immigrants. They share seeds, skills, and growing to trust and care for each other. We thank God for hearing our prayers and helping us every step of the way as we work with multiple governmental and non-governmental organizations in our community to build this garden together making it a reality.


We partner with Lutheran Social Service to help make a difference in the lives of homeless youth here in Minnesota. Can you imagine trying to survive a cold winter and keep up in school while living on the streets? Our work with LSS reaches these teenagers and gives them stable, safe housing so they can finish high school and college and pursue their dreams.


Every year our Sunday School kids choose a different project to support with their prayers and their coins. In 2022 the children chose to save the "Bees".  For 2023 the students selected "Purchasing Farm Animals", chickens, pigs, cows, goats and more.


Our companion church in Iringa Tanzania is Uhominyi Parish. So far eight people of Galilee have travelled to Tanzania to strengthen our friendship and partnership with our companion congregation. Galilee and Uhominyi churches pray for each other weekly, and support one another. Over the course of our partnership we have been able to give over 30 scholarships to Tanzanian youth to go to high school (boarding school) in Iringa. This relationship Bega Kwa Bega (shoulder-to-shoulder) is through the Saint Paul Area Synod and the Iringa Diocese. It will last for generations to come, because it is built on mutuality, solidarity, prayer, and Christ is certainly the center of our reason to be joined together.

There are so many ways to serve and give through the ministries of Galilee Lutheran Church. Our Outreach Committee is dedicated to continue serving our local food shelf Keystone, Feed My Starving Children, Lutheran Disaster Relief, ISAIAH and much more. Do you have a special gift to share? Contact and we’ll get you connected to the right ministry.

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