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At Galilee Lutheran Church we are absolutely committed to providing a safe environment for children and youth.



Our Confirmation classes are during Sunday School from September through May, after worship on Sundays downstairs in the Youth Room from 11:15 until 12:00 noon. Currently the students in the Confirmation program range from 6th graders through 10th graders. Besides Sunday classes, we go on field trips, and do volunteer work around the community. Some of the places we volunteer include Project Home, Cardboard Box City, The Rice Street Gardens, and many other contexts for serving others. We go to ELCA national youth gatherings and we also have a lot of fun locally. Confirmation students have the opportunity to go on an adventure almost every month, such as to Moonlight Madness, bowling, Christmas caroling, camping, swimming, Valley Fair, and wherever else our Confirmation Youth are motivated to do together.

Confirmation students receive their own Bible and Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. Another word of Confirmation is “Affirmation of Baptism”. Because many Christians were baptized as babies, our confirmation program is especially important, because in Confirmation we remember, affirm, learn, re-learn, and experience in many ways the promises that God made to us in our Holy Baptism. As Baptized children of God, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever. We are part of God’s family, and God loves us unconditionally. We are inheritors of eternal life, and receive the gift of forgiveness.


Galilee Lutheran Church has a tradition of going to Bay Lake Camp for a weekend in the summer. The camp is on an island on Bay Lake a few short hours north of the Twin Cities. We drive and carpool to the lake, park our cars or bus, and then get picked up by a pontoon boat to ride across the waves to the island. There are so many ways to relax, be creative and have fun at Bay Lake Camp. We swim at the beach, go canoeing and kayaking, fishing, do crafts, and play all sorts of indoor and outdoor games. There is a playground, a basketball court in the middle of the woods, a field for relay races or soccer, and trails to walk on. Indoor games are also plentiful. Galilee Lutheran Church has some dedicated jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts, knitters, people who love to read, and others who like to nap! On Sunday morning after brunch we worship outdoors around a campfire. Bay Lake has log cabins and a very comfortable lodge with hot showers and fireplaces. The dedicated friendly staff at Bay Lake make delicious home cooked meals for us.

Bay Lake also offers youth camps which draw kids from several different Lutheran Churches in the Twin Cities. These week-long Youth Camps, called “VIBE” give our adolescent and teenaged children a safe environment to grow in faith, learn to love nature and God’s creation, sing, play outdoors, make new friends, learn to be good leaders, and have a lot of fun.

In June Galilee goes on a Men’s Fishing Weekend at Bay Lake Camp, and in the Fall on the same island we have a Women’s Retreat. If you would like more information about Bay Lake Camp, visit


GLOW stands for “Galilee Live on Wednesdays.” All kids 3-15 (and parents or guardians) are invited. It starts at 5:30 with a delicious, scrumptious, healthy supper. Listen for the bells at 5:25 pm. Then: Bible and life stories, music, teen activities, crafts, and games, and finishing up at about 7:15 pm. Some special events and subjects planned for this summer included: tacos, BBQ food, nature walk in neighborhood, planting a GLOW garden, pontoon ride on Lake McCarrons, anger and how to deal with it, outdoor water slide, drone flying and movies, pumpkin carving, picnic at Lake McCarrons, outdoor athletics bonanza (badminton, kickball, bocce ball, etc.). The final session of each season features a big feast.


Sunday School

Children from age three through 5th grade are invited to come to Sunday School. We meet on Sundays after Galilee’s worship at 11:15 AM until 12:00 noon. The children of Galilee Lutheran Church and Minnesota Faith Chinese Lutheran Church as well as a few children from the Nepali congregation called St. Paul Friends Church have joined together to have a combined Sunday School.  Our teachers are experienced in teaching, and are happy to be with children, to explore and teach the Word of God. Through stories, interactive activities, games, crafts, songs, and fellowship we learn about God our Creator, Jesus our Savior and Friend, and the Holy Spirit, our helper who gives us the gift of faith. Throughout the year Galilee’s Sunday School group has special programs. The Saturday before Easter Sunday (the Resurrection of our Lord), the Sunday School kids have an Easter Party at church. They have fun dying Easter eggs, playing games including going on an Easter egg hunt, decorating the church and eating pizza. In December, the Sunday School and Confirmation children go Christmas Caroling to our “shut-ins”. Members who are very elder and not able to come to church anymore, but have to stay at home or in nursing homes, or care centers receive a cheerful visit from our children who give each elder a fruit basket, a Christmas card from the congregation, and nice little concert, singing Christmas Carols for them. Church is intergenerational, and this is a blessing. Our youth bring music and cheer to our elders, to let them know that their church does not forget about them, but that we are united in Christ, and that we love them and wish them a Merry Christmas. Also during Advent, about one week before  Christmas, we have a Lessons and Carols service on Sunday morning, with a Christmas pageant put on by the Sunday School and confirmation kids.

Galilee values children and youth, and gives them opportunities to grow in faith, develop healthy friendships, and experience the steadfast love of God for all people. At Galilee Lutheran Church we are absolutely committed to providing a safe environment for children and youth.

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